Why Quartz Counter Tops Calgary are the Top Choice

Calgary Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops calgarycalagry quartz countertops

You can install the Calgary Quartz Countertops in your home in the kitchen, bathroom, barroom, and any place where you need a washbasin. Countertops simplify your kitchen tasks, protects your cabinets, enhance the interior aesthetics, and support your everyday errands. Since it is a multipurpose fixture, you have to take extra care in selecting the material, color, design and pattern, dimension, and other properties. Quartz is one of the most popular materials, whose value is increasing on the consumer market today. You can know why the top choice is today, based on the research and analysis we have performed.

Quartz Properties

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Quartz countertop doesn’t absorb water and liquids, regardless of their density and type. Hence, you can clean the surface with a cotton cloth when there is a water or liquid spill. The repelling factors between the quartz material and liquid molecules prevent the possibility of stains.


The chemical structure of quartz molecules make it inert to chemicals, acids, and other corrosive liquids, solids, and vapors, any accidental spill of such elements will not cause any damages to the quartz countertop.


The orientations of crystal directions in the quartz countertop enhance the tensile strength significantly. The value can be a minimum of 7,00PSI and above. You can use the countertop to install heavy objects in the kitchen like the multipurpose stove, sink, washbasins, large size cabinets (beneath the countertop), and other kitchen and bath utilities. Quartz has the strength to carry the load and endure it for years without any signs of fatigue. The material is highly resistant to stress, warping, and damages.

Compression Strength

Quartz countertop has a high resistance to compression. It is one of the reasons for its tensile strength is very high. It can endure static and dynamic load with equal efficiency. The alignment of the molecular structure will remain the same.

Heat Resistance

Quartz countertop can endure heat up to 150-degrees or more, depending on the composition of other materials which make the countertop. It can endure the heat of cookers, pans, stove and other hot surfaces installed over/beneath it. You have to ensure the exposure period is not beyond the tolerance limit of the quartz countertop.

Easy Maintenance

You don’t need to spend too much money and time on the maintenance of quartz countertop. A cleaning liquid and cotton cloth should be sufficient for cleaning. Since it is stain resistant, you don’t need to use scrubbers and brushes to clean. Practically there is no other maintenance needed other than regular cleaning. Sometimes you may have to use hot water (within tolerance limits of temperature) with the cleaning liquids to wash.

Quartz Aesthetics

Visual-Depth: The translucent property of Quartz gives a deep visual depth to the countertop like no other material. The combination of quartz and polymers can allow light to enter partially into the inner layers. Then they can reflect the light back to the exterior. The manufactures of desktops can add multiple color combinations to the countertop to make it aesthetically attractive.

Luster-Appeal: Quartz crystals have a depth and brightness of luster which is unique and highly appealing. They can create a virtual 3-D effect on the viewer. The luster can remain for years without losing the intensity. So, your countertops always look young and attractive for years.

Colors and patterns: Quartz can be crushed and combined with multiple types of synthetic resins for creating multicolor effects. They create an impression of sophistication, luxury, and exquisiteness in your home interiors. You may choose to install the countertop in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room where you want the countertop.

Designs and Appeal: Quartz countertops come in a vast range of customized and personalized designs. You can choose from the existing template database or create your own specific design. The manufacturers will be able to incorporate the design and supply it to you.

Installation-Options: You can install the quartz countertops according to the specific shape and dimension of your requirement. The installers will study the interiors of your home and suggest the best possible installation. You can achieve perfect coordination between

  • Countertops and cabinet designs
  • Align all the overhangs in line with the countertop
  • Anchoring of posts to the countertop
  • Attaching all the under-mounts in relevance to the countertop position
  • Determine the top mounting locations and align the countertops accordingly
  • Align all the shims with the countertops
  • Accurate placement of countertops

Quartz and Lighting

Quartz countertops give you the perfect options for installing your dream lighting systems in your home. You may want the countertops to be brightly lit when you are preparing food and performing the kitchen activities. You may also wish to have shimmering lighting on the bathroom washbasin meant for shaving. Similarly, you may have specific preferences when it comes to the lighting of other rooms in your home.

Kitchen Lighting

You can install an ambient lighting system in your kitchen, by keeping the quartz countertop as the center of focus. The most prominent location is the space between the top kitchen cabinet and the countertop. Quartz can reflect light with enhanced brightness. So, you don’t need to use too many and too many bright lights. You can also space the lights in an optimum manner to get ambient lighting.

Ascent lighting is a bold feature, which can transform your kitchen into the most beautiful haven of your home. Such lighting over the kitchen island countertop with attached dining countertop can make your every meal a heavenly experience.

Bathroom Lighting

The lighting fixtures you use for the bathroom may use vanity lights, sconces, flush-mount, or LED. You can choose the most appropriate quartz countertop, depending on the lighting brightness, fixture color, and other factors. The Quartz countertops give you the freedom to install the lighting first and customize the countertop designs later.


Quartz countertops are the top choice, because of the versatility features you read just now. The most striking aspect is the manufacturers’ ability to evolve the technical and aesthetic parameters in tune with the changes in interior design trends for today and the future.