Is Your Daily Shower Making You Sick?

Filter shower water

The early morning hot shower in the cold seasons can be a relaxing experience with the steam emanating from the shower head to rinse your body. You may feel energized and filled with vitality to have a great day ahead. But as the day progresses, you feel energy draining out of your body and your mind starts feeling the pangs of anxiety and lowered concentration. You wonder what on earth could be wrong with you after having made such a great start.

Root Cause- Shower without Filter

Having a shower head without a hard water shower filter is stated to be the root cause of all the skin and body problems you experience after the bath. Even those shower heads having poor filtering methods can make you fatigued and drained off all the energy during the day. Some of the common symptoms you experience could be summarized here.

  • Chlorine Effects: The volume of free chlorine absorbed by your skin in the form of liquid and vapor is stated to be much more than the quantity you may consume through drinking water. 15 minutes of exposure to chlorine water in the shower can sap off vital energizing vitamins from your skin and body. Moreover it causes free radicals to oxidize the skin layers and make it go dry. Formation of scales on the epidermis layer can lead to skin allergy, irritation, rashes and acne. Dry kin can form wrinkles and weaken the concentration. The combined effects result in low level of energy.
  • VOC Effects: The concentration of volatile chemicals in the shower water can reduce the lifespan of your skin cells. Their power is stated to be so high, that they can penetrate through the innermost skin layer and cause damages to the sensitive blood vessels running through the dermis layer. The stress on the vessels can prevent free circulation of blood and distribution of vital nutrients to the skin and rest of the body. VOC also contaminates the proteins and vitamins supply chain within your body. It results in abnormal variation in blood pressure, oxygen levels and the cardiovascular activities. The symptoms of fatigue and energy loss are the direct and indirect effects of these chemical interactions with your skin and body.
  • Microbial Effects: Poorly filtered shower water caries vast range of germs and microbial forms of bacteria. Their average size is stated to be less than the pore diameter on your skin. Hence, it is easy for them to penetrate through them and enter your body. Once they get absorbed by the bloodstream, the symptoms can appear from the internal organs, muscles, nervous system and the muscles. Even the spinal cord gets affected by the harmful effects of bacteria, germs and the other microorganisms. You may develop fever, stress, backache, nausea, nervous instability and other moderate to severe symptoms within a short span of time.

Ignorance – Key element of Sickness

You may have come across many articles and medical journals which focus on the importance of having a hygienic filter on your shower head. The authors write at length about the health conditions after using the filters and without them. Yet, many of the people tend to ignore such warnings, since the effects may take a long time to result in visible symptoms. Here are a few of them. 

  • Dry Skin: When you experience dry skin, your first reaction may be to rush for the best moisturizing cream or lotion with sun screen. After applying it you may feel the moisture level has been restored in your skin. But this sensation stays momentarily, as the dryness returns on the next day by noon. This effect is due to the absence of shower filter or a poor quality filter you are using in your bathroom.
  • Aging Signs: You may experience the formation of wrinkles and aging spots on your skin when you are younger than 30. Again your first reaction is to improve the diet program and drink more fluids in order to prevent such symptoms. But no matter what you may try, the symptoms continue to grow in strength.
  • Hair Loss: Premature hair loss among men and women is a common phenomenon which imbalances the physical and psychological health of the individuals. Your first reaction could be to search for the best herbal shampoo and hair conditioner. You may also try out various methods of changing your diet programs. But you may not experience any significant improvement in the reduction of hair loss. In fact your hair follicles on eh scalp may stop re-growing the lost hair, leaving patches of baldness which only increase with time.

Realization – Just in Time

The realization of the shower filter’s importance just in time can save you from the lengthy period of suffering from unhealthy mind and body. All you need to do is bring home the best shower filter and install it. Most of the filters are easy to install.

  • Simple procedure: Remove the existing shower head from the arm and clean the interiors with a handheld vacuum or a brush. Remove any rusted parts and replace them with stainless steel components. Now you can plaster the plumbers’ tape around the threads of the shower arm. Fit in the showerhead filter and rotate it in the direction specified in the product manual until it fits in tightly. Your task is complete.  If you have a shower arm with square head, you may need to screw in the shower filter at the four corners.
  • Best Shower Filters: The best shower filters available online should have multiple stages of filtering through calcium silicate, KDF-55, ceramic granules, far-infrared crystals, activated carbon or reverse osmosis system. You may choose from any of the leading brands in the market that cater to your specific needs. The shower filters that combine active carbon silicate and KDF-55 are stated to be best for chlorine. The reverse osmosis filters are highly recommended for fluoride removal. They can also eliminate the other chemicals like chlorine and VOC.