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Best Image Optimization Practices for SEO



Why Optimize Images

Image optimization serves two basic purposes of increasing page loading speed and improving search engine ranking. The other reasons are to attract reader attention, create the better user experience, make a good impression, create relevance to the text, and make the readers understand the content faster its important in SEO , Some companies like Rock Search Engine Optimization Calgary swear by it

How to Optimize Images

  • File-Size Reduction: By reducing the file size it is possible to increase loading speed. But you have to do it without compromising on quality, clarity, and sharpness. The recommended method is to change the image format into JPEG (high-quality images), GIF (art and animations), or PNG (both). Then the full-page images size will be within 100KB-110KB. Smaller images could be of size 30KB to 40KB.
  • Relevant Images: Using images only when required can eliminate unwanted cluttering of images. Relevant images which can enhance the meaning of the text and broaden the scope are best for your web pages. Search engines can check for image necessity and relevance to text content. Then they improve your website ranking immediately.
  • Image Quality: First step is to shoot your images (photographs) using professional quality cameras. Genuine images can create great impressions on the audiences and search engines. You can use photo-editing software-tools for improving image quality. They also increase the image sharpness, brightness, and natural appeals. It is better to reduce the usage of stock images and avoid copy-righted images. They can reduce search engine ranking and create legal problems.
  • Image Names: If your image shows the front view of the Tajmahal, it is better to name it the same way. Avoiding special characters and numbers can create better relevance to the search engines. For example, Tajmahal front view.JPG could make more sense to the search engine than TAJ-Frt-001.jpg.  mrc seo consulting seo calgary
  • Image Captions: Relevant, short and meaningful captions to images can increase the reader retention time on the web page. It will also improve search engine ranking. Users can relate their reading and image viewing experience with the image. It will also increase the probability of page-link sharing with their friends and social media contacts. It will automatically boost the viewer rating and likes. The ultimate result increases in website traffic and search engine ranking.
  • Meta Data: Using alt-text, alt-tags, Meta-tags, and Meta-Descriptions can create a streamlined path for the search engine crawlers. They can easily match your images with the search key-phrases. It helps them in placing the page links at the best possible position in the search engine result pages.

Best Practices of Image Optimization

The balance between Size and Quality:  especially in MRC SEO Consulting SEO JPEG is the most recommended file format for search engine optimization. When using PNG format you need to choose between PNG8 and PNG24 based on the on-page optimization requirement. PNG24 has high quality, sharpness, and natural appeal. But the file-size is relatively more. So, you need to limit their numbers to critical needs.

Product, brand, organizational images and other critically important can be in JPEG format or PNG24. For the others, you may choose PNG8. The approach helps in creating a perfect balance between file size and image quality.


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Calgary Digital  Marketing methods



There are few hours in a day when you can complete all your tasks. Above your normal schedule, you also have lined up meetings, work, network, updating online channels and making it updated regularly that needs specific strategies to be taken properly. Nevertheless, even as there was a time where struggle was required to have some time for digital marketing and nowadays, we put a lot of time only on this. Being online is great but it should not hamper your other tasks.  If you cannot do digital marketing  handle it properly and you end up being busy all the time, you can do something effective to make the most of your time. So here we have some calgary seo marketing methods for you:

  • Create a timetable and follow it strictly: It’s an easy idea but it’s incredible how few in fact bother to put one as one. We usually go after an agenda for our usual work so it makes logic to reserve some time for social media work. If you set aside an hour in one day, it can do numerous good and keep you more alert consequently.
  • Prepare beforehand: It is said that there’s not anything off beam with arranging content before its used as there are constantly new ideas, posts and images that aren’t time responsive. Of course, the difficulty following that is you will be require to take some time to compose all the content in the first place, but because there are constantly silence in the week, you should be gifted to combine some posts or source images to position at a later date. Also, don’t fail to remember regarding holidays and events so you can set up content that connects.
  • You can also list posts in progress which can be useful if you finish up having to postpone your time. Some sites such as Facebook let you to plan times to place while others such as Twitter can only do this by the means of third-party apps like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Buffer
  • Direct Customer questions to One Location: Since social media gives the opportunity to everyone to have a direct contact to the company, it makes complete logic that there are a lot of queries and questions that are exchanged through this mode. On the other hand, if you have more than one account, it can get really complicated because you have to keep switching the channels in order to address everyone. If you can, give emphasis to that all queries and complaints that are available in one site like Twitter. This way, the whole thing can be established in the one place and if a difficulty needs to be discovered in better detail, you can control them to email. Usually, these queries will be easily reviewed so you shouldn’t use up too long in replying them.
  • Cross-Posting: If you’re using more than one account, you should have a thorough knowledge about the type of people that follow you. You must check your analytics time and again for that. Hence, you should know that if your audience for each of the site has common interests and if they do, then cross posting the content can be a great idea.

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