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Let your fingers do the walking in the directories where you will find under the child care, preschool and schools section a list of day care centers which take care of children when you are away at work. Call a center close to your home and inquire of payments, number of children per minder, facilities offered and any other information that may be available.


There being many government and non profit making day care centers it is important to inquire if the center is licensed by a recognized educational institution for the safety of the child. Two heads are better than one therefore the need to make a visit with a spouse, friend or relative to the facilities that you called having narrowed them done to at least five centers.


Day care centers are rapidly growing all around the world whereby the first recorded center being in the late 1800s while in the united states it was the the New York Day Nursery which was established by a private charity in 1854. It is also important to note that these centers are not only play centers but also offer credible education to better the development and growth of the child as they prepare to attend kindergarten and nursery school.


Before enrolling a child to a day care center it is important to check out the staff training qualifications, how many children are allotted to one staff, since the lesser the children per staff the better. Make an effort to see the sick room facilities and if they have trained staff on first aid in case of a child falling ill. Always ask the child if they are comfortable and love the center as often as possible since at this tender age they do have a short memory on events.



2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten

5728 1 St SW

Calgary, AB T2H 0E2

(403) 319-2332

Website: https://www.2000days.net

Google Site: https://sites.google.com/site/daycarecalgaryalberta/

Google Folder: https://goo.gl/pws78V

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