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 Why is the Roof an important part of your House?

Since the evolution of mankind, the human race has always been struggling to get shelter in the form of a house. Even today, owning a house located at the heart of the city with all facilities available is one of the primary goals in the only existing species of human, the homo sapiens. Of course, we being humans, we all know the essential parts of our life. I would not need to give a better clarification on the significance of a house in our livelihood. Why getting the right local roofing contractor can help There are obviously several requirements in a house. But, it is the roof which holds primary importance in your home sweet home. The roof has several many greater aspects other than sustaining your privacy. That is the reason it holds a very strong part of a building. A house without a roof is like a sun without its shine. Now before choosing the right roof and the right materials required to build it, you first need to know your roof and its importance.


Before Building a Roof, Let’s Know About it

Now there are tremendous many types of roof which can primarily be codified into two categories:

  1. Flat Roof : A flat Roof is frequently used in making commercial buildings and causes less or negligible trouble during construction because they do not follow any specific pitch. Such roof can be used while making tall buildings, buildings in moderate climatic areas, and areas of less natural disasters. However, flat roof is more prone to damages.


  1. Slope Roof : A slopy roof is the right fit when building huts and cottages, especially the one-storeyed houses. These are best for hilly areas, or the areas with recurring natural disasters. These can further be categorized under various sub types depending upon their pitch and other factors. However, we will not go into those details in this blog.


What exactly is Roof Pitching?


In numerical terms, roof pitching is mainly how steep your roof should be.  It is the numerical measure  of the flatness or the steepness of a roof. Roof pitching is one of the factors that can help us in deciding the materials which can be used during the construction of the roof taking into account how steep a roof you are requiring.  This is an essential measure before construction, hence choose an expert in this field who can advice you well on the pitching terms.



 What is the Importance of a Good Roof?


Now coming to our main topic, why is a good roof so important for housing? Of course, the house won’t fall off. Will it? Then what is a roof required for? Let’s have a look at that below:


  1. Roof provides us refuge from the external environment:


Of course, we all know this. A Roof is that part of the house which comes directly under the influence of natural and artificial calamities and acts as a barrier between the external environment and the internal environment of the house.  A solid roof gives you an insurance against the circumstances of nature likes of rain , snowfall , heat , tornado, and the numbers are endless. Obviously, you would not be wanting the rain and hail stones tumbling down your house all of a sudden. This is where a strong roof comes as our saviour.



  1. Better the roof, more will be its Market Value :


A  Roof is the most underrated and dominant part of your abode. A good and well maintain roof will indeed cause an hike in the market value of your house . According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost cs. Value Report, a new roof in your house could help you in grabbing a bonus of $12,000 while selling the same. Isn’t that great! Now, you will be investing some value into its construction, and imagine getting at least the double of what you really invested. Also, it is very important to check for a leakproof roof that protects your house from damps. Damps are indeed a nuisance to the house. In fact, it is dangerous too. Approximately, 70% of the house owners have faced this issue and are terribly upset. Hence, you must be careful beforehand.


  1. Now, your roof is your financial guard too!


Haha! Though this sounds like one of those action movie drama, this is actually true! Your roof does not only provide you immunity from the external catastrophe but also shows quite a lot of commiseration to your wallet. A decently ventilated roof would help in defending against the heat and unnecessary humidity, thus avoiding you to lighten your pocket for installing the gadgets to do the job. Also, you can be assured of no sudden jumps of thrives and dacoits from above into your abode. Your belongings stay safe with you. You can also choose among those break proof and dent proof roof putty to secure your spot. Even the material, be it wood or bricks, these do matter a lot while constructing a strong head saviour.



  1. In fact, a beautiful roof adds beauty to your shelter too!


One of the sweeping aspects of the roof is that it embellishes the decor of your residence. The aesthetic ability of your roof helps you to draw an attentive appeal to its visitors. What a fantastic view that is when the visitors just can’t move away their eyes from your designed roof. You may design your roof with the beautiful fall ceilings available in the market, or plan your own ideas. Infact, you can decorate the strength of your shelter with spot lights and chandeliers as well. Beautiful roof has been the sign of a royal home since ancient times. Be it in the house of the kings and queens of Britain or the Mughals of India, it has always played a vital role.


Today, roof is not merely a covering for your abode . It has evolved itself into a  whole new nexus.  From protecting you from surroundings to adding aesthetic value, the roof does it all for you.

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